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AMM has been supported by loyal volunteers over the years.  The accomplishments of this ministry have been attained by the hands of many loving people who sacrificially donate their time and resources.  This is an exciting time for the ministry as we are receiving a wonderful blessing from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition program.  The need around the world has never been greater and being a Christ centered ministry we are compelled to go (Matthew 28:19).  Below are some ways you can be involved in this ministry and make a difference:

Donate to Air Mobile Ministries!


Become a Crew Member!

We need friends to join us in our efforts to save lives and bring hope to hurting places around the world.  When you make a $40.00 donation and request membership, you become a member of the Air Mobile Crew for this year.  We will send you the gift of an Air Mobile Ministries T-shirt and a monthly e-mail newsletter as a token of our thanks.  Become a Crew Member Today!

Simply call 1-321-567-0332 with your email address and t-shirt size, and tell us you want to become an Air Mobile Crew Member!  Thanks and welcome aboard!


Our loving volunteers are important to us.  If you are interested, send us an e-mail via our contact form telling us about yourself and your desire to volunteer.  We will be happy to discuss volunteer opportunities with you.

Order Joe Hurston's - Run To The Roar

In Run to the Roar, veteran missionary pilot Joe Hurston uses a lion's characteristics to teach life-changing spiritual principles while demonstrating the leadership skills of perseverance and confidence in the face of difficulty.  Learn how to face your challenges head on and fulfill God's plan for your life.  Call 1-888-822-4249 or email us from our contact page.

Buy Toner Cartridges

Many ministries have to spend a great deal of funds on administration costs.  Joe and Cindy Hurston, from the beginning, desired to be able to support themsleves through a profitable business they started called CSA (Cartridge Source of America).  CSA earns profits through remanufacturing, recycling and selling printer toner cartridges.  The company started in Haiti as Joe was amazed at the cost of toner cartridges for their ministry.  Joe invested and learned the remanufacturing industry and has since established a plant in Florida which has been servicing clients around the United States for over 14 years.  The success of the company insures that the ministry can help those who need it most around the world.  To learn more about what CSA can do for your company visit Cartridge Source of America or call 1-321-544-7757.

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